Our Story

January 2017

Saâd alone in his room thinking about 10 Business ideas

March 2017

He sees on Facebook the video of a friend of his, a speech therapist, around the quiet book

April 2017

He meets his friend, who gives him more details about the product

July 2017

Then he marries a beautiful woman. Her name is Meryem

October 2017

Kitimimi is born

November 2017

Saâd offers a sewing machine to an unemployed craftsman who produces the first prototype

January 2018

Several children are playing with this prototype. They love it.

February 2018

Saâd develops his first website

February 2018

He takes pictures of the different sheets and of several children

March 2018

Several artisans produce great Kitibooks

March 2018

Meryem graduated. She is a doctor of pharmacy

April 2018

Meryem joins the Kitimimi team

April 2018

Together, they have their first salon (Salon Baby in Paris). Great feedback

May 2018

They both take it to the next level

October 2018

A first store offers Kitibooks

November 2018

Kitimimi becomes a partner of the Paris-Est center led by neuropsychologist Gabriel Rafi

January 2019

Ali joins the team

September 2019

The Kitimimi team is growing - More than 10 nationalities in the team

October 2020

3 warehouses store the Kitibook: In Europe and North America

February 2021

Lina joins the team

Very Soon

Kitimimi will take over the world
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